Hyundai Accent


programming Hyundai Accent remote

There is no on-board procedure to program a remote for a Hyundai Accent. Special equipment is required to program a remote.

Jammed Hyundai ignition

ignition repairHyundai Accent are famous for having ignition switch problems. Key broken in the ignition, key wont turn the ignition or turn it freely and more. The main cause for this could be a bent key or worn down loose pin inside the cylinder that prevent the tumblers to level up with the key and shift. If you have a problem with the ignition, you will need the assistance of a car locksmith who's probably going to try and clean your ignition from dust or dirt, strengthening the tumbler pins or maybe even to replace or rekey the ignition switch.

Worn-out Hyundai Accent ignition key

Another issue that might happen especially with early Hyundai keys are made from a weak metal blade that can easily break or dent and cause a many issues when turning the ignition switch and maybe even the door or trunk. In the case that the key wear out, the best thing to do is to generate a new key using the VIN instead of a simple duplication to avoid copying the flaw from the old key.

How To Replace Hyundai Accent remote battery

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