How to Duplicate VATS Keys by Yourself


vats key It often happens that vehicle owners require a spare key for their motor vehicles and in many instances the type of key which is required is one which has a chip integrated into the key. Even more frustrating for vehicle owners is that this kind of keys is not exactly cheap and in many cases these vehicle owners could be justified in thinking that spare key providers is ripping them off. Some vehicle keys may have dual chips, one on each side of the key and this is known as double-sided vats keys. Likewise for those keys with only one integrated chip, they are known as single vats keys. This is important in order to know what exactly you require as far as replacement keys is concerned. The fact is that most of these keys can be replaced for as little as $10 or less. This may surprise many vehicle owners, but the process is actually quite simple.

How is this done?

vats key The vehicle owner should measure the chip which was integrated into the key and this should correspond to a specific ohms reading and once this is done the replacement process is relatively simple and very cheap. You may obtain a reading of 1407 and for this reading you will require a double-sided bank vats key which is typically used in GM motor vehicles and most likely it will fit in a Corvette ignition. However should you get a reading of 4748, then you will need to purchase a double-sided blank vats key for GM vehicles. For every ohms reading a different bank vats key will be needed and for those who are wondering how all of this is known is the fact that this information is available online. They are charts available that indicates the blank vats keys which is required for each separate ohms reading. This is very convenient for motor vehicle owners because once they know the vats number of their specific motor vehicle key, then such a spare key could be purchased on eBay or a blank replacement key could be obtained elsewhere relatively cheaply.

Why are some dealerships charging exorbitant prices?

Obviously they are blatantly exploiting the ignorance of motor vehicle users. Many people have been expected to pay amounts of $130 and more for blank vats keys. However the purpose of this article is to point out the motor vehicle owners that there is a better and a more cost effective way when they are shopping for replacement motor vehicle keys. When you know where to go it is possible to replace keys or to obtain spares cheaply and quickly and there is no need to become a victim of exploitation. Once a blank vats key has been obtained, most honorable locksmiths will cut that key for approximately 2 dollars. In most cases such a key can then be used immediately to start your motor vehicle and to unlock the doors. By now it should be clear to motor vehicle owners that there is no need to pay exorbitant fees for replacement keys, but rather there is a viable alternative.

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