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Chevrolet Key Replacement San Jose CA If you’ve clicked on this webpage, you no doubt broken your Chevrolet key in the ignition, lost all the keys to your Chevrolet locked your keys in the trunk or maybe even just want to clone your Chevrolet high security key, remote fobic key or keyless entry device inspecting for an convenience and low-cost answer to your pain.

Awesome news

Chevrolet Key Replacement In this article we reserved all the details you need to know about Chevrolet key and lock infrastructure to read before choosing the right pick to carry out your circumstance. In just a number of minutes we hope we will be adept to save your important money and time, whether it's a locksmith shop, a mobile automotive locksmith, on the WWW store and the Chevrolet dealer-ship.

24/7 car key replacement San Jose California

24 hours key madeCars Key Replacement hires a workforce of mobile motor vehicle key maker pros who are usable operational to turn up to your point and next door area within around twenty five to thirty minutes with breaking new ground car key replacement cutters, lockpicking, diagnostic and programmers devices capable to unlock your car door, recompile your vehicle ECM and cut and program a brand new key onsite to help you back into the car to go on with your day rapidly.

Why do we even use transponder keys?

Most motor vehicles today uses electrical chipped keys that must be in sync with the car (immobilizer), when the key is inserted and turn in the ignition, the chip is awakened by power from the car battery and send a signal with a predefined pass-code to the car main computer, if the code does not match to the one stored in the car, the car will not start or maybe even lock for couple of minutes. The main idea behind this mechanism is to have a better control on duplication of keys... getting a duplicate or a brand new key wasn’t such big deal when you could get a spare at any dealer-ship, hardware store or a locksmith shop, but these days, the advances in digitized keys have made it necessary for the vehicle to be present when a driver wants to copy or make a new key. So, basically the cutting of the metal blade of the key will not be sufficient to replicate a key, because without the programming of the key the motor vehicle engine will not turn on.

The history of Chevy chipped keys

General Motors first came out with their VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) for Chevy Camaro in 1986 which applies a resistor pellet in the body of the key. Since then, other models have been following with other electric keys versions with some form of a resistor inside the key or a transponder which is a small device hidden in the plastic head of the key which can communicate a high-security code to the car computer system upon demand and currently, Chevrolet adopts transponders on majority of their vehicles.

Transponders VS VATS keys

Do not confuse transponder keys with the former VATS/PASS keys which contain a visible resistor pellet. Nearly every Chevrolet original transponder keys have either a PK3, PK3+ or + marked on them. Chevrolet also employs the Pass Lock mechanism on some cars (from 1996 to 2007) that do use computerizeds in the ignition lock, but there is no electrical in the key itself. This is often a point of confusion.

Models using VAT\PASS system

  • Chevrolet Blazer 98+ Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Camaro 86+ VATS
  • Chevrolet Cavalier 96-99 Passlock
  • Chevrolet Cavalier 2000 Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Corvette 88+ VATS
  • Chevrolet Express 97+ Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Impala 2000 Passkey 3
  • Chevrolet Lumina 96+ VATS
  • Chevrolet Malibu 97+ Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo 96 - 99 VATS
  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2000 Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Pickup Full-size 98+ Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet S-10 98+ Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Savanah Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Tahoe 98+ Passlock 2
  • Chevrolet Van 98+ Passlock 2

Models using transponder keys

And what about Smart keys?

Since 07, some of the models use Passive Entry, Passive Start (proximity) fobs proximity key device instead of metal blade keys. smart keys are optional equipment.


Chevrolet did not use transponders on trucks until 2007.

Duplicating Chevrolet keys

Transponders and VATS keys helped us in the last two decades in reducing car theft all over the world and conveniently operating the automatic opening and closing of cars doors, trunk, windows, alarm and more, but the side effect is that prices for keys can easily reach hundreds of dollars. If you currently have a functional key and would like to create a spare key you can purchase keys online and use the assistance of a local locksmith store to cut and program your key folowing the tips on our duplicate automobile key page.

What's the big story of losing Chevrolet keys

Lost keys San Jose CAIf all the keys are lost the options of getting a new key recreated are distinct than a simple key duplicated. If the key has no chip, and the car is less then 10 years old, most likely you can go to the dealer with the VIN and get a new key cut, but if the key has a chip, it means that the engine control unit need to be reprogrammed with a new code, so it would accept the new key and reject the old one (Many call this process ignition rekey).

To make a point

If you lost the last discrete key to your vehicle, the car need to be presence in the making of the new key, therefore, you are actually left with two options:

  1. Find a towing truck to tow the vehicle to the dealership.
  2. Call a mobile automobile key-smith to come out to your location to reprogram the car and make you the key.

Chevy ignition problems

ignition repairAlthough Chevrolet uses regular key blade (except from few high security high security keys used on latest models 2014+) with a thin blade, ignition problems are less common in the General Motors engines and programmble errors are pretty rare, so althogether, apart from maybe reflashing of the key data on after an engine control unit replacement, there is not much for a locksmith to do.

Simply stated

With so many times of unlocking/locking the ignition lock cylinder, it is quite customary to have ignition problems like broken keys in ignition, stuck or hard to turn ignition, burglary attempt damages and more. Complication with the ignition might be very critical, because in most cases it will take you by surprise in the most unexpected place and time and the use of mobile emergency locksmith will be a great convenience.

Last word

As a Chevy driver, just like other auto-makers, you might find yourself in an immediate need for a swift road-side assistance to service your motor vehicle keys, locks or ignition. We strongly recommend you to keep our number in handy for a rainy day. Only our team offers the quickest vehicle locksmith services and at the most affordable rates in town! With our 25-30 mins emergency reply, we guarantee you that you will be on the road once again before you even know it. Ignition repairs, key replacement, smart-key and fobik-key programming, lock picking, lock rekey and more at your side, we have the tools, experience and knowledge to offer the best resolutions possible for each situation. If you are looking for a Chevrolet locksmith 15$ SVC CALL (408)610-3750 for Fast and affordable mobile key replacement in San Jose California. Lost ignition keys, keyless remote duplication or programming services onsite 24HR.

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  • When calling a car key back upping service in San Jose CA, it is very critical to use a bonded, licensed and insured establishment for two key reasons, the first is that you as a matter of fact want to use a qualified staff who can unlock your car with no contamination cause to the key-lock instruments in addition to the air bags, the electric wiring and the power locks and the second is that in populous conditions you can get insurance company to grant you, if you have coverage for road side relief. Our staff members of car openers are ready for your call and will be with you within 20-25 minutes for any sort of car captured keys experience 24 hr, call Cars Key Replacement now at (408)610-3750.
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